GWT - editing and testing of go-positions in one program!



The Note: the free version can't save the files of the go-position books, but can do this, for the files of the diagram collections and for the go-positions in sgf format files.

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The working version of the program. (the editing are saved in files)

The working version of the program has a collection of games of professionals (more than 3000) and of high-level players (more than 10000), joseki (more 6000 var.), tesuji. You can fill up these collections and create new ones. Using GWT my children got more involved and interested in learning playing Go and this program has brought pleasant results. Samakaev Rafael is a European champion among children under 12 of the year 2004. Samakaeva Ilsiya took the second place in All-Russian tournament among children under 16. Dindarova Ilsiya is champion among women of the year 2005.

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